The easyMarkets trading software has a user-friendly intuitive design which includes almost all the tools from the full version. The main idea of the company are to be honest in everything. Therefore, the broker tries to provide a transparent service where the users can see all the funds movements.

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To open an account, you must deposit at least 100 Euro if you are within Europe and 200 USD if you are outside the Eurozone. In addition, easyMarkets also lets traders work with metals, commodities, indices, actual cryptocurrencies, and shares. This makes it a competitive choice among many other brokers because not everyone offers so many assets to work with.

What can you trade with easyMarkets?

These two are the HTML-5 web platform created by the broker and MT4. The company’s self-developed platform has some unique features. The major part of earnings made by easyMarkets come from the losses made by its clients because it is a market maker. There a different charges and they depend a lot of the type of account you use. The best trading conditions are provided by the VIP account and web platform.

avis sur easymarkets

Overall, easyMarkets looks like a legit broker. It is not a scam because it is regulated by trustworthy authorities like ASIC and has a ton of positive user reviews from various sources. It is also possible to use a mobile application that can be used on any mobile device. In addition, the broker lets traders use the MT4 app too.

Trading in mobile with easyMarkets

This might be a very good tool in highly volatile markets. It is possible to find many different customer reviews about easyMarkets on the web. The best part is that around 90% of all the opinions are positive. We have gathered several examples to show our readers what people around the world think of easyMarkets. The customer support at easyMarkets work quite efficiently. The answers given by him were very professional.

avis sur easymarkets

It has many trading instruments, a low initial deposit sum, and low trading fees. Another user, CCBB says that his experience with easyMarkets was very positive. The main reason he chose this broker was the unusual trading platform easymarkets review with various features and enhanced simplicity. CCBB mentions that every trader must try it out. The user says that the company is professional and can be trusted. Only two platforms operate at this brokerage service.

Trading platforms

You can contact an agent via email, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and a live chat on the website. For instance, the Deal Cancellation tool gives you the possibility to undo your trade for some time. This reclaims all losses and returns the money back to your account. However, you must pay a small fee for using it. It is hard to give an opinion on the instruments provided by easyMarkets. If we have a deeper look, then we can name the main sources of information from this broker.

For instance, the most popular currency pair EUR/USD has a fixed spread at 0.9 pips. The broker does not take fees per order, only the spreads. The Freeze Rate lets traders stop the quotes changes for up to three seconds.

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