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Stories of Change

Meet Reshma is being brought up by her grandparents

This little child has gone through a lot already, her mother deserted the family and her father died a few months ago. She has a younger brother who will be enrolling soon and a toddler sister. “We didn’t know how we will be able to take care of our grandchildren after our son died. Thank you so much for taking care of Reshma and helping our family,” say’s her grandparents. When Reshma first came to Diya Ghar she was very shy and would keep to herself. She has slowly opened up and has now made a few friends. Reshma’s favorite activity is coloring. She is one of the first children to come to school on most days!

Meet Nazmeen, family are refugees from Bangladesh.

They have lived in Bangalore for the last 5 years. They collect waste and segregate it. There is no Anganwadi (Government run Preschool) close by. Nazmeen’s parents were very happy that she could join school. Unfortunately Nazmeen didn’t like coming to school and was very irregular. We met her parents several times, explaining to them the importance of coming regularly. Once Nazmeen started coming regularly, she developed a bond with both the teachers. She started showing interest in learning the different activities being presented. She is a quick learner. She has learnt all the alphabets in English and Kannada, and numbers from 1 to 20. We are looking forward to teaching her three letter words and then sentence formation. The combination of her helping tendency and her confidence to do the activities can be seen in the way she helps her friends!

Meet Rukmini hidden gem

When you think of Rukmini, you think of a hidden gem. This brilliant child was confined to her blue tent home, left to take care of her little brother, Shiva, while her parents worked at a construction site. When our teachers first approached Rukmini’s parents, they were extremely hesitant about sending her to a preschool, wondering about who would take care of Shiva. By this time, though, Shiva too was eligible to enroll in Diya Ghar.
Both children started coming to school together – and they thrived in their new environment. Rukmini, especially, demonstrated a keen interest in learning and her knowledge grew by leaps and bounds. She excelled in learning the alphabet and numbers. She enjoyed puzzles and play time. When her parents saw her perform during the Christmas program, they were simply amazed. They promised to continue their children’s education as there was now no looking back. Diya Ghar and Mphasis opened new doors of opportunity to Rukmini, Shiva and their family.

Meet Indraja: A Healthy Start

With a bright smile and sparkling eyes, Indraja radiates joy. This little girl, all of two-and-a-half years old, was prone to falling ill. While her parents worked in construction sites, Indraja stayed home with her grandmother. Even after she joined Diya Ghar, the little girl fell sick and was admitted in hospital for Dengue. Her illness was serious and her life was on the line. But this spunky little girl made it through and made it back to school. On her return, Diya Ghar’s teachers ensured that Indraja received extra attention especially when it came to meal and snack time. Along with her school friends, Indraja began eating a nutritious lunch, fruits, vegetables, milk and eggs every day. Gradually, her teachers saw a marked improvement in her health and an increase in her height and weight. We are thankful for this opportunity to pour into Indraja’s life not just through education but also through providing care and nutrition.

Meet Athika is a five-year-old Kempapura child

We’ve noticed a significant improvement in her since she joined Diya Ghar. She used to cry when her mother dropped her off at school, and she wanted her mother to stay with her in class. She used to start crying again as soon as her mother left. Even after offering her bananas and a nutrition bar, the teachers couldn’t get her to stop. She became more comfortable with the classroom setting and the teachers once the teacher began spending extra time with her doing activities of her choice such as singing, dancing, colouring, and expressing motherly care for her. Athika no longer cries on her way to school. Van transportation is available for pick-up and drop-off. She is so eager to come to school that she will ask about Saturday classes. It’s wonderful to see the children of Diya Ghar transform.

Meet Sumya Sulthana, a 5-year-old Bellandur girl

Pink is her favourite colour. She loves chocolates and enjoys playing with her friends with the kitchen set. Her father owns a small pharmacy, while her mother works as a housemaid and massage therapist. Her parents have only one daughter. Sumya aspires to be a doctor because she sees her mother working hard and she wants to study hard so she can help her mother. She enjoys coming to school and has learned a lot of rhymes and action words, as well as participating in EPL activities.

Meet Appana, A future not defined by the past!

Three-year-old Appana still has his soft baby cheeks and wispy baby hair. He is small-made for his age, one of the signs of the severe protein deficiency he faces.
When we first met Appana, he was playing in the mud outside his home, a blue tent in a settlement close to Diya Ghar.
Appana’s story is heart-wrenching. His father works as a labourer but drains all his earnings on alcohol. Sometimes his mother, out of desperation has little choice but to beg on the streets.
At Diya Ghar, we know Appana to be a boy who is talented with art. We know him to be a boy who comes straight to eat snacks, especially when they are bananas.
We know Appana to be a boy with a bright future ahead of him! Support us to support more children like Appana!

Meet Nagarathna, An Artist in the making!

Nagarathna loves to show her little artistic creations to her teachers. She proudly takes her drawings of apples to her ‘Aunty’ with a big smile on her face.
Nagarathna’s first few days at the Diya Ghar centre was not easy. As a one-year-old baby, she was taken to the construction sites where her parents worked as labourers. She played with dangerous sharp tools and was surrounded by piles of dust which made her cough.
But today, this little girl has discovered the joy of learning at Diya Ghar. She loves her Montessori activities, pouring dry beans from one container to another. She is also eager to do the wooden puzzles.
We don’t know if Nagarathna will become a famous artist someday. But we do know that she is a child who deserves a safe environment to explore and grow.